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Ольга Станкевич (Olga Stankevich) Hi there,

I want to say a big personal thank you for visiting my website and I hope I can introduce you to something magical, a unique style of my music!

I love both classical and contemporary pop and dance culture, so draw my influences from both. I suppose you would say my style is an explosive mixture of pop and classical. But this is how I see and love this world. Now I use the power of the internet to connect with a far-reaching audience and spread my passion across the globe...

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A Step You Don’t Need

Olga Stankevich at antidrug tv-showOlga Stankevich took part in the “There Are No Soft Drugs” teleconference bridge, held by Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation and the biggest Russian media outlet “RIA NOVOSTI” on the 25th of January. The conference between Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tomsk was a part of a pan-Russian counter-drugs Internet-lesson “I Have a Right to Know”, and it was broadcasted on the many schools of Russia.

The composer’s participation in the counter-drugs events is not accidental. Now, when she has two kids, Olga is seriously willing to save them from destructive and deadly temptations. “If I can prevent at least one teenager from stepping across this line, I can call my participation in the counter-drugs events worthwhile,” Olga said...   

Album “Dreamway”. Download now for free

Dear friends!

With this release, on behalf of me and my team I’d like to wish all my listeners Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Let your hearts be filled with love, and New Year's Eve to the jingle of glasses will mark a new stage of your life which will be full of happiness, luck and new impressions!

This year was wonderful for me, and now I want to share my good mood with you. As a New Year gift, I suggest you to download my new release "Dreamway", which is an updated version of  "Piano And The City. Dreamway " album. Soon there will be a year since the album went on sale and its success around the world gives me the strength to work on new music. The "Dreamway" album consists of 10 tracks, which you can listen to right here right now.

Take this music with you to your car and upload it to your gadgets to finish this year and enter the coming one with optimism! And if you want to make me a gift - leave your comments on this site (no registration required). Your kind words are necessary to every musician to create new compositions. I am not an exception.

Sincerely yours,
Olga Stankevich

From MUSO Magazine, UK

Here at Muso we’re no strangers to mind-bending genre-blending, but glam Russian pianist Olga Stankevich’s claim to mix classical with dance music came as something of a surprise. Mix she does, however, and to exotic – if slightly sugary – effect, with synths swooshing around wistful piano melodies and thumping drums underpinning sultry, ominous bass lines...

"Piano And The City. Dreamway" - album just released

Dear friends,

The long-awaited album by Olga Stankevich "Piano And The City. Dreamway" went on sale. You can find it on iTunes and amazon.com, but it will appear in other digital retailers soon.

Just today we’ve recieved new reviews of this release from Matt Warnock and Alex Henderson, the masters of American music journalism.

Listen to music and watch videos on our web-site. Olga carefully examines all of your comments, scoops  inspiration in them for new tracks to please you with her next album.

New Year means new great dreams and plans, and we all wish you to have your dreams come true!

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